2017 Labrador South Region NL01-LS

Located 275 kilometres east-northeast of Cartwright, the 2017 license round will occur over the NL01-LS sector, which will be divided into defined parcels by the C-NLOPB in early 2017. The sector lies in the central portion of the Labrador South Region and covers an area of 22,900 square kilometres. Water depths range from 500 metres on the slope to 3000 metres in the eastern-most deep water region of the sector.

Multiple vintages of seismic data exist over this region, with more recent 2D acquisitions available as multiclient data. The nearest offset wells to this sector are North Bjarni F-06, Herjolf M-92, Bjarni H-82, Bjarni O-82, Gudrid H-55, Roberval K-92, Roberval C-02, Cartier D-70, North Leif I-05, Leif E-38, Leif M-48, and Indian Harbour M-52. To date, no wells have been drilled directly in this sector.

A publically released resource assessment for the region is expected in early Q3 of 2017.